Where Will Bush Find All Those Troops?


Ostensibly, he’s gotten them on reserve already. But let’s check out those rope-em-in army promotions anyway.

The US Army All-American Bowl. And I quote, “The sponsorship of the All-American Bowl is an obvious choice because of the Army’s commitment to strengthening individuals now — and in the future — through development in training, values and experience. The talented football players playing in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl share many of the characteristics that make Soldiers so strong.” Visitors to the site can check back in each week to see if their favorite hometown football heroes have made the cut to play this week.

America’s Army Video Game on the website, so players can “experience realistic missions.” There is also the football video game, a virtual version of the US Army All-American Bowl. Those NFL games are the most popular sellers, after all. Why not have one of our own?

The cool commercials! Haven’t seen one of those lately — they’re like playing a video game — so here’s the latest ad on their site. Find your strength!