Free Pizza. Don’t Tell.


Pizzeria de Santo, a new LES spot, has been ever-so-slowly opening for about a week now, and today the neighbors (and the moochers) will be rewarded for their patience with free slices. Yes, free. Please form a single-file line and keep your hands to yourself.

The festivities will begin around 3PM and go until around 9, or until someone gets hurt, or you eat all the pizza.

Sal Imposimato and Joe Vicari, the duo behind the clubs Happy Valley and Show, have turned their energies towards something their names might better suggest: “authentic, all-natural Neopolitan-style pizza,” as Imposimato put it.

The chef, with experience at Lombardi’s and Carmine’s under his belt, will also be making sandwiches and market-inspired specials, which will change daily. A liquor license is in the works and Peroni will the official de Santo beer. In the back are a few tables, soon to be joined by an arcade game equipped with 80s favorites.

The pizzeria will be really, really open on Saturday. Or maybe Sunday. Possibly Monday. You might want to call first.

Pizzeria de Santo
173 Ludlow
between Houston and Stanton
(212) 533-3337