NASCAR Does Wedding Shoes?



Living in New York, Threadster remains blind to the reality that car racing enthralls millions. If we lived elsewhere or knew anyone who had actually attended a competition, we might be more convinced. But statistics exist and bend to reality we must.

However, the limits of our style sense were frazzled when a press release for a NASCAR shoe collection arrived in our inbox. Car racing chic? Bend to this reality we can’t.

Yet Genius Fashion Inc’s President and designer Shannon Hanna is convinced that NASCAR has enough brand cache to speak to its 30 million plus female fans. Realizing that not everyone one is a die-hard “pedal-to-the-metal” junkie, Hanna’s vision extends from racing strip-colored leather boots and bright red platforms to suede flats and refined loafers accented with a subtle metal strap of two crossed flags. They even have a wedding line—think pastel heels, jeweled details, and the NASCAR logo on the inner sole.

We have to admit, scrolling online at Zappos, their funky red and black polka dot pumps, stylish “crack up” pattern ankle boots, and strappy “mod-themed” sandals grew in appeal. If you need a conversation piece—this is it! But our racing culture appreciation ends here. We just can’t take the next step and netflix Talladega Nights.