Shill Dove, Real Woman. The Oscars Wait.


Eye fears. Dove is sponsoring a contest to create your own ad for Dove Cream Oil Body Wash, which will, no lie, air during the Academy Awards. The rules include a list of “thought-starters”:

▪ Try the product. When you’re using Dove Cream Oil Body Wash in the shower, take note of what you feel, smell, see and hear. Are you reminded of any pleasant experiences or interesting places?
▪ Look up “luxury” in the dictionary. What does it mean? What could it mean?
▪ Explore the world around you. What luxuries do you find in your world? Frozen yogurt after a hard workout, a moment of quiet after a long, hectic day, the sight of a brightly colored bird outside your window…

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2007

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