Food, Wine, and Sarcasm in Brooklyn


The wine importer Joe Dressner will be hosting a natural wine tasting at iCi next week. The wines will be paired with a three-course meal that we imagine will be delicious. But events like this happen daily in New York. The twist here—aside from the natural wine, an obsession at iCi—is that the wine importer is also the entertainment.

We’ve been enjoying Joe Dressner’s kooky blog all day. Here are some highlights:

I Packed the Wrong Sports Coat!:
My apologies in advance to the Florida market. I am going to look like a broken down liquor salesman. The sort of guy sent out to pasture by Peerless a decade ago.

In other news, I highly recommend the new T-Mobile Dash telephone and I also highly recommend Eric Texier’s 2004 Cote Rôtie. Eric’s wine is a model of restraint, tightness and focus, what Syrah ought to be in the Northern Rhône. I even bought myself a case, spending money which might have been better invested in a new wardrobe. The T-Mobile Dash is a model of what s lightweight Smartphone ought to be.

You’d never catch me walking around with a Blackberry or Treo. I’m the sort of guy who has to make a statement by having a phone that no one else in the market is using. Can’t I bring this daring and reckless style into my wardrobe choices?

What’s With All the Tarragon?
I hate the taste of tarragon and can smell it if I am in a five block city radius from someone cooking a dish seasoned with this horrible herb.

Lately, I’ve had a succession of meals with tarragon. This herb used to be the rage in the late 1970s and 1980s but mercifully disappeared. It seems to be poised for a comeback. Has the CIA (the Culinary Institute of America) started a new craze? Are trendies sick of cilantro?

Wine Dinner at iCi with Joe Dressner
Wednesday, Jan 24 at 7:30
$55 per person

245 Dekalb Avenue
Fort Greene
(718) 789-2778 or (646) 460-3808
For wine tasting reservations, ask for Marion Emmanuelle