Ghost to Haunt NYC



January 27 will be a sad day for New York. It is the official closing of Ghost, a label known for their luxurious fabrics, machine washability, and flattering lines with slip on ease. According to U.K-based Managing Director Sandy Goldsbrough, “since 2000 financial results have been poor” and “the original owner sold the business early in 2006.” And since the “two U.S. stores were loss making [they] have thus been closed.”

Fans of the brand can travel to the U.K., where “the new owners plan to focus initially on building brand awareness.” There, the original two stores will remain and six new ones will open this spring. Goldsbrough adds that “the brand is also working as a concession in key department stores such as Brown Thomas and Selfridges.”

If you are lucky enough to shop across the pond, look for Ghost’s extended line that will soon included “knitwear, jersey, silk print, leather handbags, and belts.”

However if you’re like the rest of us, you have less than two weeks to snatch up Ghost’s discounted merchandise—some at 70 percent off.


28 Bond Street

New York, NY


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 16, 2007


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