More Power to You


Hooray! He’s leaving! Woo-hoo! (Lee Shrine)

“Be like water, my friend,” was Bruce Lee’s advice, and lest he come back from the grave to slap me around for not listening, I’ve decided to heed the great man. I’m moving on from the Village Voice and Power Plays today. It seems a shame to write my 309th and final post on a topic as boring as my own departure (as opposed to something really exciting like, say, the New York City school food delivery system!), but I’d hate to leave without saying goodbye.

To those who’ve been regular, or occasional, or almost-never-and-not-if-I-can-help-it readers, many thanks for your attention. In this city of 8,213,839 neighbors, I’m sure we shall meet again.

To those who have never read the blog and hit this page in error, you probably wanted this.