New(ish) Stuff


SYNOPSIS: Postponing this thing called Populuxe for another day, your Uncle LD investigates new (or new to us) offerings from artistes familiar and otherwise that once again threaten to bury us under a pile of largely unwanted cardboard and plastic… Still, we’re always happy to hear beautiful music here at ” Chez Treehouse, so do keep on chucking them in our general vacinity. Unless your music stinks, in which case save: 1) yourself the postage, 2) the trees, and 3) our ever so delicate nerves. WE LOVE YOU!

NEXT WEEK: Play Miss D for Me

HB26 Playlist

Just Another Thing To Dust” and “Unavailable” from Can’t Go Back (Gnomonsong, 2007)
Clealry this guy grew up on Fruity Pebbles, chickfactor and whatever the sequel to Teletubbies is called.

Harlem Shakes
Old Flames” and “Sickos” from Burning Birthdays (tk, 00)
Oh, the kids these days. Should tour with Beirut. Includes the great and poweful Jon Natchez, without whom we are nothing.

Win Or Lose” and “Can’t I Wonder” from You Are My Home (Important, 2006)
We didn’t know this one existed until Uncle Nathan sent it to us.

The Crowned” and “Wind Through The Walls/Blackwood Gates” from Spirit
(Acuarela, 2006)
Dreamy stuff from our friends in Madrid, where ham museums grace seemingly every street. Acuarela is simply the coolest label around.

Murderer” and “Belarus” from Drums and Guns (Sub Pop, 2007)
Love ’em, can’t get enough of ’em. Yes, the clicks and pops are on purpose.

The Safes
Bliss This Instance” and “Cool Sounds Are Here Again‘ from Well, Well, Well (O’Brothers, 2006)
We sure hope the latter constinues to be true, despite the lame fratboyosity o’ their name. I guess “The Durex” was taken?