Dadaist art-dicks diss Shepard Fairey in Williamsburg


Aw, why couldn’t “euthanizing your bourgeois fad” take the form of painting over that crappy tag on the right?

Looks like Billyburg street art has its very own SDS. As of this morning, we spotted the above Shepard Fairey Uncle-Sam-propaganda wheatpaste — the one that’s been presiding over a Grand-and-Bedford bodega brickface for a while — splashed with purple-and-white paint, emptied can still on the curb. The anonymous defacers were self-righteous enough to post a note informing the world that this wasn’t a random act of vandalism, but a premeditated act of “true creativity.” (You poured paint on a wall, fucktards. How creative.) We get the doing-unto-Shepard-as-he-does-unto-others angle, but we’re still unimpressed.

What’s even more annoying: their bold manifesto-cum-artist-statement’s title (ART: THE EXCREMENT OF ACTION) and their faux-threatening disclaimer at the bottom (WARNING: THE REMOVAL OF THIS DOCUMENT COULD RESULT IN INJURY, AS WE HAVE MIXED THE WHEATPASTE WITH SHARDS OF GLASS). Nice.

Read the whole manifesto here

Our camera battery was so distraught, it committed suicide after the fifth photo. But then walking North, we noticed that many of Bedford’s prominent street pieces (i.e. a Spazmat skull phone on Bedford and North 7th) got dissed by the same anonymous group of manifesto-pasting Dadaist dicks. Meanwhile, they didn’t touch that terrible E! mural-ad of cartoony Demi and Ashton on the corner of North 5th for Starveillance. Dudes: Spazmat is not the enemy!

More art-dick pics here.