Crappy wheatpasted edicts in Williamsburg: The excrement of lazy action


Dadaist art-dicks dis Shepard Fairey in Williamsburg, part II

After our camera battery attempted suicide yesterday, we counseled it back to life this morning and then coaxed it down to Bedford Ave and North 7th to survey the walls. More paint-splashings from the SDS of street art:

Hold on a sec — I got a chocolate-raspberry sticker in my eye.

Help, I represent an “alienated commodity”!

Fake-punk Waldo sez, “Ow, that hurt.”

It’s worth noting that there’s a different glass-shard-sabotaged edict posted here entitled AVANT-GARDE: ADVANCE SCOUTS FOR CAPITAL. It’s basically an anti-authoritarian screed against the art-world’s co-option of estrangement and rebellion that rants against how street artists are the unwitting A&R guys of the gallery system. It concludes, “Destroy the museums, in the streets and everywhere.” Ugh.

Read the second manifesto here.

Also, we neglected to mention that the heading of yesterday’s manifesto ART: EXCREMENT OF ACTION is a riff on the Jeannette Winterson line, “Product is the excrement of action.” So these bombers are trying to tell the world that graf-inspired art is a commodity ultimately feeding the rich? Thanks, duders, we had no idea. Why’d you miss that Starveillance mural again?