PSA: Maple Syrup Shortage! Maybe!


What will my next trip to Vermont look like??

Batten down the hatches! There might be a maple syrup shortage thanks to our good friend Global Warming. Yes, you might have gotten to wear your cute shoes for longer, but what, my dear, do you plan on drizzling over your pancakes next year? hm?

According to some articles that were a little too boring/complicated to fully understand, the trees got confused about what month it was, since it was so warm, and syrup people have been forced to make syrup this winter, when the trees should be dormant. What does this all mean? Maple syrup could be less delicious and/or less plentiful next year. The recent drop in temperatures is a good sign, but if you’re an aficionado, you might want to stock up on last year’s goods now. We won’t make fun of you. Or we will, but affectionately.