Reader Exposes Clothes Folder Pioneer!


According to a Threadster reader, Derick Melander is not the first artist to take to pressing used garments. This honor goes to Laura Bruce, who made similar constructions four years ago.

Floating Ip details Bruce’s work. They write:

Arranging the clothes into a landscape is a small act of transformation, of a certain kind of longing, that ultimately never manages fully to transcend the banality of the material used to represent the wide open space of an imagined land. Infinity, freedom and nature are conjured up within the very narrow confines of a pile of newly laundered shirts, pullovers, bathrobes, T-shirts, coats and jackets. This is a physically slender facsimile of unlimited space that is, at the same time, a distillation of extravagant hopes into the channels of domestic work. This is not a cynical or depressing outcome. Despite the limits of the repetitive and routine acts of washing, folding and piling, the landscape lifts the spirits like a gorgeous voice singing from the heart.

We’d love images of her work. If you have some, email