Eye’s Week in Review


Being Bobby Brown: . . .sucks more than usual. His show is cancelled.

Golden Globes: Timberlake takes a jab at Prince, who is “stuck in traffic.”

American Chopper: The new season premiere. Junior builds a bike with spidey sense.

The Colbert Report: The Times‘ Alex Kuczynzki shills her book about America’s plastic-surgery obsession. Her forehead won’t wrinkle.

American Idol: The bitch that won’t die. A record 37 million people tune into Tuesday night’s season premiere.

Future Weapons: A new show about weapons coming to an army near you. This once was a watermelon.

Beauty & the Geek: The cherry on the sundae, the geek makeover session. This was the hottie geek.

Grey’s Anatomy: Countdown to Isaiah Thomas’ firing.