Crocodile Hunter’s Last Episode Not ‘Macabre’


The Scotsman

The last Crocodile Hunter special Steve Irwin worked on before being fatally injured by a stingray aired last night. Reviews for Ocean’s Deadliest, which will air again starting this Thursday, were fairly glowing. Not a small feat for the producers, considering the title of the show and how Irwin died.

From Variety:

“Whatever queasiness one feels at the thought of Steve Irwin being featured in a posthumous special — titled “Ocean’s Deadliest,” after “the Crocodile Hunter” was killed by something deadly in the ocean — pretty quickly melts away watching Irwin do what he loved with all the usual gusto. In a sense, Irwin’s whole shtick was about flirting with death as he conveyed his passion for exotic beasts, and seeing what footage remained proves a fitting-enough epitaph . . .”

From the Times:

“What could have wound up an entirely macabre enterprise amounts to another chapter of extravagant tribute instead.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 22, 2007

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