Sarah Silverman YouTube Festival


In this week’s Voice, Michael Musto interviews Sarah Silverman and discovers that she is his kind of cunt.

Political correctness officially had a massive heart attack and died when South Park hit the air in 1997, but ever since then, Sarah Silverman has been gleefully squatting over its grave and making a cocky. The writer-comic-actress uses her appealing features and twinkly eyes to throw you off as she detonates verbal WMD’s about everything from Jesus’s nailing to the holocaust to 9-11. (She was especially devastated by that last event because it happened on the same day she found out “the soy chai latte was like 900 calories.”)

Cover story: Sarah Silverman Is My Kind of Cunt
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From the Q&A:

MM: I prefer you accidentally crapping yourself in that farting contest on the show. But of course that leads to a sensitive song about your sincere wishes for the world. Which is the real Sarah—the crapper or the dreamer?

SS: I think I’m the crapper and the dreamer. It kills me that I fart and shit in an episode. I love aggressively stupid humor, but it was so embarrassing. The truth is, I do wish all the nations were part of one world and our religion was love.