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Sarah Silverman YouTube Festival


In this week’s Voice, Michael Musto interviews Sarah Silverman and discovers that she is his kind of cunt.

Political correctness officially had a massive heart attack and died when South Park hit the air in 1997, but ever since then, Sarah Silverman has been gleefully squatting over its grave and making a cocky. The writer-comic-actress uses her appealing features and twinkly eyes to throw you off as she detonates verbal WMD’s about everything from Jesus’s nailing to the holocaust to 9-11. (She was especially devastated by that last event because it happened on the same day she found out “the soy chai latte was like 900 calories.”)

Cover story: Sarah Silverman Is My Kind of Cunt

More info on her upcoming Comedy Central show The Sarah Silverman Program

Extra-special Sarah Silverman YouTube clips follow.

From the Q&A:

MM: I prefer you accidentally crapping yourself in that farting contest on the show. But of course that leads to a sensitive song about your sincere wishes for the world. Which is the real Sarah—the crapper or the dreamer?

SS: I think I’m the crapper and the dreamer. It kills me that I fart and shit in an episode. I love aggressively stupid humor, but it was so embarrassing. The truth is, I do wish all the nations were part of one world and our religion was love.

Sarah Silverman craps in a brunch-side farting contest.

Sarah Silverman on vaginal rejuvenation.

The Jesus is Magic trailer.

Sarah Silverman on (her boyfriend) Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

Sarah Silverman’s version of The Aristocrats.

Sarah Silverman on the birds and the bees.

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