Accessories Party More Than Us


Kangol’s Ushanka—It’s lived better than us

Threadster came across a very special hat this week. We spotted it at Project, a gathering of sportswear retailers at Pier 40. Amid a sea of vendors selling silkscreen t-shirts—a trend that needs to die—was Kangol‘s booth. Front and center, their Ushanka hat grabbed our attention.

A rep quickly told us its story. Designed by Rustan Karablim, aka SSUR, this little number had an actual Russian violinist play its debut party. Later we learned it comes in a “custom debossed hatbox, designed to resemble a caviar tin.” If only we had had a coming out party or traveled with references to delicacies.

We pondered the good life of this hat. Later our friend told us of a swanky party she attended, honoring the release of limited edition sneakers. Although we have no problem partying for products, it’s odd to have a social live inferior to an accessory.