Mad Dogs: Chowhound’s surprise redesign


When CNET purchased Chowhound last March, they spent months listening to suggestions from the hounds on design/function of the new site. The new site launched last summer to only moderate whining (for the record, we liked it immediately). But yesterday, the site was redesigned again, and the hounds are not having it. Aside from a new look, there are new features, like avatars, blogs, and a clear effort to integrate with Chowhound.

Ooh, CNET’s in troub-le!

Here are some excerpts from the rantings:

“Welcome to Corporate America where change i$ monetary, not voluntary. User be damned. The suits are in control now.”

“If I wanted to be a part of I would have signed up for I didn’t. I signed up for CHOWHOUND and I feel like is being shoved down my throat.”

“You want to give us a real quick and easy sign that you “get it?” Dump the Zagat Red theme for a more eye friendly color. Sure, there is some “product manager” type on your payroll who is just madly in love with Zagat Red, but there are *thousands* of us. Your move.”

The new guys seem to be handling the backlash fairly well, considering. Upon receiving a deluge of complaints about the overwhelming red color of the new design, they offered a “style picker” that allows users to choose the old look instead.