WTF is Rachael Ray eating?


There are so many things to love about the latest Rachael Ray gossip, we hardly know where to begin. TMZ “reports,” (and Gawker follows) that Ray got wasted on red wine at a shopping mall Houston’s—where she ordered fish!—and made racist remarks about Oprah, the woman who would make her an even more ubiquitous TV personality. She also called Angelina Jolie a “skanky, backdoor cunt.” Oh, Ray Ray, wow.

But perhaps the most disquieting thing about all this is the photo that Gawker ran with their item.

What, pray tell, is she eating? On first glance, we’d have to say it looks like a graham cracker-crusted ground turkey terrine, topped with chili, served on a pool of creamy tomato soup. Any other theories?