Banh Mis and DVD’s: A great tradition



According to The Porkchop Express, Sau Voi Corp, a tiny dvd shop, is responsible for introducing the banh mi to New York. Yet somehow, I had never heard of it. Luckily, I have developed the habit of scanning any Vietnamese store awnings for the words “banh mi.” They tend to pop up in all sorts of places, but a connoisseur should have her eyes peeled especially when dvds or cds are involved. Sau Voi’s delivery menu sums it up with the tagline “Sandwiches and Records.”

People, this is a great banh mi. Not just for its classic balance of flavors and appropriately crusty bread, but this one stands out from the crowd because of the love inside. The quality of each ingredient shows that someone really cares. Porkchop talks about the pate, which is finer and subtler than average. But two other things blew me away. First, rather than the sad sheets of luncheon meat we too often encounter, the ham was thick and marbled. Also, a generous sprinkle of crushed black pepper was a revelation. Too bad it’s so cold out—there’s nowhere to eat inside…

Banh Mi Sau Voi Cafe
101-105 Lafayette Street
Between White and Walker
(212) 226-8184

(All 17 sandwich varieties are $3, tax included)