Eye’s Week in Review


Clockwise from top left:

Ocean’s Deadliest: The last documentary Steve Irwin was working on before he died, Ocean’s Deadliest aired for this first time this Sunday.

Gilmore Girls: Christmas vomits up on Rory and Lorelai.

Veronica Mars: Nancy Drew goes on the hunt for a monkey stolen from the college lab.

Maui Fever: Laguna Beach with doofier dudes. To have sex is to “wax” a chick.

Clockwise from top left:

State of the Union: Our President convinces fewer this year.

State of the Union: The well-timed water sip.

The Colbert Report: Colbert interviews Lou Dobbs, vocal about the threat of illegal immigration, from behind a bloody barb-wire fence. Sweet justice.

Grey’s Anatomy: Isaiah just proposed to Sandra Oh on Thursday’s episode. So is he or is he not going?