A Good One: Street Meat Tofu!



First, dear reader, please forgive our shoddy photo skills here. What you’re looking at is a remarkable—if not remarkable-looking—street food setup. On the corner of Christie and Grand, a camera-weary proprietress doles out fresh soft and semi-firm tofu and soy sauce eggs to a constant line of home-cooks (and snack-seekers). This is not the mute, plastic-y tofu you buy at the supermarket. This is the tofu you want to line up for. It does have a taste, in fact. Both the soft and firm varieties have that earthy, clean flavor that is unlike anything else.

The soft tofu is carefully skimmed of excess water and ladled from a big, hot pot, which rests inside a shopping cart. Sugar syrup is optional, and a plastic spoon is available for instant gratification. On an overturned plastic crate beside the cart sits a wooden board with a perfect rectangular slab of the more firm tofu on it. The tofu lady keeps this covered with a damp cloth and uses a thin metal paddle to slice and pack it into styrofoam containers.

That’ll be $2

Look for the tofu lady in the late afternoon. (We have seen her on multiple Sundays.)
Christie Street at Grand
(directly outside the Grand stop on the B/D)