SAG Awards Highlights


So Borat was snubbed and Pitt and Streep were no-shows. Pitt was filming; Streep was at a Harvard Med School benefit (slam). Still, the SAGs must go on. Here’s the full list of recipients from last night, plus a few highlights:

Eddie Murphy mimicked British actors who sound “so smooth with their stuff.” (Offstage, he admitted he was “caught off guard” that Dreamgirls wasn’t nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.)

SAG, you’re the best product whore. Thanks for reminding us to rinse with Listerine.

Louis-Dreyfus: The British version of The Office is so much better than yours. Carell back: I enjoyed your show better in the ’70s when it was called One Day at a Time.

Man, that little kid looks pissed. LIttle Miss Sunshine applauds Jennifer Hudson’s win and her loss.

WTF with Rachel McAdams blond/pink hair over there? Oh yeah, and her boyfriend Ryan Gosling was nominated for something.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Chandra Wilson referenced Isaiah Washington: “It’s about those 10 cast members sitting over there, and the other one in rehab.” In a lesser-publicized but equally-interesting comment, added: “Look, with this skin and this nose, and this height, and these arms . . .I’m here.”