Who Dat? We Want to Know.


Hi there. I’m so cute I don’t even need to blend in my blush.

If you think All City’s a negative jerk, “[S]omeone who talks so much shit [you] probably just ate some” according to one weirdly defensive commenter (Wassup J! If you so cool, why you still on AOL?), you will be surprised to find out that WE REALLY LIKE SOME SHIT! (In fact, we really like the word ‘shit.’ Even says so on our MySpace page.) And we definitely like that primitive pink face in the above picture. We spotted it in Williamsburg, towards Manhattan on North 4 or 5. Got any idea how we can check out more of his/her work? Hit us up in the comments section or with the e-mail address above. We’d like to learn more, maybe even interview the artist or some shit. . . there we said it again! Thank God our moms don’t know how to use the Internets!