Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever: The Clips


CNNMoney reports that Super Bowl commerical madness reached its zenith this year, with CBS charging as high as $2.6 million for a precious 30-second spot. (Cost in 1987: about $600,000.) Annheiser-Busch is the big spender this year, with a total of nine commercials during the game. You do the math.

Let’s take it back to more humbler, cheaper times with ESPN’s write-up of the best Super Bowl commercials. I fished out a few of the finest full commercials off YouTube. The and Bird/Jordan ones are just as awesome as they were then: (1999)

More clips after the jump.

Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan (1993)

Introducing the Apple (1984)

Cat herding (2000)

Budweiser frogs’ first appearance (1995)

Cedric the Entertainer’s bad date (2001)

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 2, 2007

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