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Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever: The Clips


CNNMoney reports that Super Bowl commerical madness reached its zenith this year, with CBS charging as high as $2.6 million for a precious 30-second spot. (Cost in 1987: about $600,000.) Annheiser-Busch is the big spender this year, with a total of nine commercials during the game. You do the math.

Let’s take it back to more humbler, cheaper times with ESPN’s write-up of the best Super Bowl commercials. I fished out a few of the finest full commercials off YouTube. The and Bird/Jordan ones are just as awesome as they were then: (1999)

More clips after the jump.

Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan (1993)

Introducing the Apple (1984)

Cat herding (2000)

Budweiser frogs’ first appearance (1995)

Cedric the Entertainer’s bad date (2001)