Back From the Belly of the Mooninite Beast: Boston Says Sorry


All City made a brief trip up to Boston this weekend to inspect the post-Mooninite bomb-scare scene. Damn, those kids up there are mad embarrassed. It’s like one giant “Sorry Everybody,” with all the creative-types frowning and holding up their Mooninite solidarity posters and groaning loudly when you give them shit about how their city freaked out about a bunch of Lite-Brite cartoons. In truth, we feel sorta bad for them. We know that it’s hard enough to get respect in the Bean, never mind with your city actively working against you.

Stephen Colbert certainly didn’t make them feel any better.

So a few chagrined folks responded accordingly: making that NEVER FORGET flier above, posting naked pics of one of the “artists,” and tryna scare the city silly by projecting Ignignokt out the window.

Anyways, the kids asked me to pass along the message to all y’all New Yorkers that NOT ALL OF BOSTON IS THAT LAME. (Even if the street artist getting the most local love totally sucks.) Don’t shoot the messenger.

UPDATE: You too can help save Boston from the Mooninites!

Full disclosure: All City lived in Massachusetts for a long-ass time. Please don’t make us go back!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 5, 2007


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