Cheap Choice: An Overlooked Target T-Shirt


“Be prepared for an impromptu rendezvous”

Welcome to Cheap Choice. Each week we hope to preview an item worthy of both the style conscious and the budget-biased. We knew the Proenza Schouler Target line would be an ideal inaugural pick. These threads could be purchased last Thursday at Opening Ceremony, yet we trekked to Atlantic Terminal for Target’s “official” Sunday debut—at 8 a.m.

However, when the doors opened, an under-caffeinated Threadster found ravaged racks. Lone shoppers, a mother-daughter team, and a couple pushed the remaining hangers around; looks of “WTF” evident on all. One salesperson told us the clothes came here last Thursday, another cited Friday as the drop date. “Unbelievable,” exclaimed a disgruntled shopper before leaving. Questions of replenishment couldn’t be clarified by our check-out clerk.

Hopes dashed of scoring the advertised tropical-print dress, we inadvertently stumbled upon the perfect t-shirt. Few Proenza Schouler items remained in all sizes. This piece had small, medium, and large available. Why was it overlooked? According to Target, this wardrobe essential has powerful potential:

Be prepared for an impromptu rendezvous: this sheer tissue tee sets your look somewhere between desperately seeking and just passing the time

We’re not quite sure what this means, but its dazzling colors of “showgirl purple,” “green team,” “true white,” and “lemon curry” hint at the t-shirt’s promise. And although we can’t clarify “green team,” we can tell you this “boy tissue tee” runs big, hits at the hip, has a small bottom left crest, and a flippy-floppy roll sleeve. Thankfully a $14.99 price tag irons out the latter’s imperfection.