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Music-Nerd Merch: Paul Weller Fred Perry? | Village Voice


Music-Nerd Merch: Paul Weller Fred Perry?


Yeah, yeah, Paul Weller is a legend who was once in a little something called the Style Council. And sure, fine, you had to lend out your baby mama Indecent Proposal-style to afford tickets to any one of the Modfather’s three nights last week at Irving Plaza. So even though people are willing to mortgage their houses to see the Jam’s “fertile genius,” are they willing to skip a car payment to dress like him? Maybe so. This past weekend, a 1000-piece limited-edition run of Paul Weller-branded Fred Perry polo shirts went on sale for $167.15 (£84.95) a piece—Weller even has his own Fred Perry micro-site. If $167.15 for one torso seems steep, that’s still much less expensive than another Paul Double-U-Double-L’s signature line$4,800 for half a smile?

Rob Trucks on Paul Weller.

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