Buxom Buddy


Not many songstresses compare themselves to a piece of overdone steak. But Bridget Everett cheerily metes out her meat resemblance in the title song of her one-act solo musical, At Least It’s Pink. Belting out lyrics supplied by Kenny Mellman (the less flamboyant half of Kiki and Herb), Everett comments, “Outside your steak might look all burnt around the edges/ . . . But somewhere deep inside/That charred and crispy outside/ . . . Inside, it’s a lovely shade of pink.”

Everett certainly goes deep inside in this “trashy little show” directed by Sex and the City creator Michael Patrick King. Good-natured and faultlessly vulgar, Everett conjures a hard-drinking, hard-screwing character: “I’m kinda like the hooker/With a heart of gold/But I don’t have a heart/And I don’t charge.” She sings two separate songs about abortions, one about a nasty one-night stand, and a rousing number titled “Canhole,” in which the buxom performer strips down to a G-string and proudly displays that eponymous bit to the audience.

If the patter sometimes overextends the delicious crassness of the songs, Everett nevertheless impresses with her outsized allure. She offers, “Some people might think it’s sad being the drunk girl on top of the karaoke bar with her titties hanging out . . . but I think it’s special.” The Ars Nova audience enthusiastically agreed.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 6, 2007

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