Anna Nicole Smith, RIP: Pure Florida


Reunited, asks Norman?

This bit on the death of Anna Nicole Smith comes from Bob Norman, our esteemed colleague in Broward-Palm Beach. Watch him. Norman knows:

So the Hard Rock can’t get Vegas-style slot machines, but they can get a pseudo-celebrity death that will make the Seminole-owned casino and hotel an international show-business landmark for decades to come?

I don’t know, is the death of a drug-addled, gold-digging, soft-porn Playboy pin-up at one’s establishment good or bad for business? I’d say good. I know I sound cold here, and it IS sad, especially after the death of her son and the birth of her daughter (who was where at the time?). But hell, it’s madness that Anna Nicole ever became a star in the first place.

This is pure Florida, dammit.

Bob Norman’s Daily Pulp

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 8, 2007


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