8 Plays a Week


Well, really it’s more like three or four, though I have some catching up to do. I took a long weekend in the wilds of Canada and have spent the rest of the week nursing my ailing sweetheart (and taking the occasional nips of his cough syrup with codeine) so I have been delinquent! Have booked into Every Day Above Ground and 6969 for next week’s reviews. The latter because I was very much intrigued by the Vanity Fair article that informed it, and I understand it had quite a good workshop production, and the former as Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, on which the show’s based, has long been a favorite text. Wouldn’t mind seeing a theatrical version of Coming Through Slaughter, either.

Regarding 6969, am trying to think of plays besides Closer in which the Intenet has played a major theatrical role–as opposed to merely email as plot device.

Will also see Nelson and Your Face Is a Mess, the newest Marc Spitz play. Spitz writes balls out farces (I wish more playwrights dared the genre) and his plays always have gorgeous soundtracks.

Should be a good girl and book intp Toys in the Attic before it closes and also should see All That I Will Ever Be as little sis is a big Alan Ball fan and I’d like to take her. Also as a product of a Los Angeles upbringing, I like plays that endorse my view that it’s a bad, bad town.

Anything else I should catch?

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