Monday-Morn Cred Sheet: Grammys, PLUG Awards, Michael Stipe sighting


Rob Harvilla does the real thing regularly in print. This one’s just for the tubes.

Couldn’t really take a picture of him there, for fear of getting my ass bounced, so this will have to do.

Stipe Man
R.E.M.’s famous baldie spotted in the VIP area of Saturday’s Lily Allen show at Webster Hall.
Full report coming soon.

The Good Music Awards
PLUG: Independent Music Awards takes place; Stephen Malkmus debuts perpy-looking mustache.
What’s this about CSS being categorized as “punk” along with Mission of Burma and Converge? Is this because Lovefoxxx sings about alcohol and fucking to Death From Above? [PLUG Awards 2007 Results]

The Bad Music Awards
Grammys, yuck.
A roomful of this many douchebags should have had Summer’s Eve as a sponsor. [Official Grammy Award Winner Results]

Put That Thing on a Six-Minute Google Delay
Grammys, yuck: Part II.
A really easy way to embarrass yourself is by making Kojak jokes about Melissa Etheridge because you’re “live” blogging. She has cancer, you idiot. []

Vodka Mixer
Alaskan DJ attacks Wolf Parade’s “This Heart’s On Fire.”
Curtis Vodka puts this track through the Kevin-Shields-inator and comes up with something fit for the Lost In Translation soundtrack. Awesome. [Discobelle]

Help a Brutha Out
Hype Machine’s Anthony Volodkin is looking for extras to the Arcade Fire this week.
You could sell them for $100 bucks or reward a guy who’s found a mostly RIAA-proof way to let you steal all your music. Fine, whatever, it’s your conscience. [Hype Machine]

Oh. My.
Nine-minute director’s cut of JT video “What Goes Around . . . Comes Around”
Next best thing to a Scarlett Johansson-Justin Timberlake sex tape.

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