‘Reno 911!: Miami’


Norbit has nothing on Niecy Nash, who proudly parades her prosthetic ass along Miami Beach, lowering oceanside property values with each thunderous step. The joke here is that the snooty pastel metropolis needs to be taken down a few rungs by Nash and her law-enforcement crew from the Comedy Central show Reno 911 (basically a lampoon of Cops, only dumber, if that’s possible). The series regulars—including director Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, and Kerri Kenney-Silver—accomplish this task with signature incompetence. With the city’s regular police force trapped inside a quarantined convention, our gang from Reno confronts backyard gators, a bad Scarface imitator (Paul Rudd), and even Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in a good-natured cameo. The TV show excels with its short squad-car bursts of random inanity; here, the plot—stretched out to 84 minutes—feels like a dime bag tossed aside by a fleeing perp.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 13, 2007

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