Rockie Weekly Horoscope February 16-22


General Forecast

The Aquarius new moon Saturday morning ushers in the Year of the Fire-Pig; also known as the Year of the Golden Boar, with expectations of great wealth, fertility and good luck. It’s been 600 years since a Chinese new year has been heralded with such high hopes, give or take a few natural calamities. Solar Pisces begins on Sunday; Monday’s sexy Venus-Pluto square makes Presidents’ Day more than a good shopping day; it also adds a special kick to Fat Tuesday festivities. On Ash Wednesday Venus begins a quick trip through impulsive Aries that ends abruptly on St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll get a chance to think things over again, when the sun and retrograde Mercury meet Thursday night. Busy, busy.

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Aries: Mar. 20 – Apr. 19

Bad timing or a blessing in disguise? Venus, planet of love, beauty and pleasure, enters Aries on Ash Wednesday. Will the goodies the goddess offers offset the rigors of Lent or will self-control triumph over self-indulgence? In the middle of St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Venus’ visit comes to an end, leaving you high, but not necessarily dry. You’ll have only 24 days to become a more attractive, a more sociable Lamb. As far as wealthier, those benefits start to accrue after retrograde Mercury turns direct on March 7th.

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Taurus: Apr. 20 – May 20

Valentine’s Day may have been about expressing affection, but this year’s President’s Day is more about passion. Who is doing what with whom, and why? This type of questioning tends to come up whenever your romantic Venus ruler succumbs to Pluto’s powers of persuasion. It may be hard to resist the pull, so why not spend the holiday weekend (and Mardi Gras) checking out Pluto’s dark side and seeing where you fit in it? Artists and wannabes could wind up in the spotlight for exceeding the public’s expectations.

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Gemini: May 21 – Jun. 20

An interesting dilemma may arise when indomitable Pluto in your marriage house challenges artistic Venus in your career zone. Could an influential woman interfere with your plans for a mid-winter break? Will you be asked to cut your holiday short and return to work? And will you figure out a solution that satisfies all parties concerned when the sun meets up with your retrograde Mercury ruler and makes the Twins appear smarter than the rest of us? Well, may not those Virgins. Opportunities abound once Mercury faces forward on 3/7.

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Cancer: Jun. 21 – Jul. 22

The Moon Child should put personal business in order before the first of the 2007 eclipses in early March. How long can your celebration of the Chinese New Year that began with the new moon on the 18th go on? So what if this, the Year of the Golden Boar is predicted to be the most auspicious of the past 600 years! You already know that the 21st is China’s century and, as more planets fill your Pisces house of foreign travel, more opportunities will arise, especially around the sun’s meeting with innovative Uranus.

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Leo: Jul. 23 – Aug. 22

No one has adequately explained to me the strange attraction Lions have for Fish and vice versa. While your sun ruler travels through Pisces, perhaps you can figure out what you like about this elusive water sign and its wellspring of emotional turmoil. A moment of clarity appears when the sun meets clever Mercury around the 22nd, but those insights may fall by the wayside until Mercury turns direct. Until then, there’s an infusion of exciting times coming while Venus visits adventurous Aries, another high-spirited fire sign.

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Virgo: Aug. 23 – Sep. 22

Look for a variation of the Gemini dilemma. Despite a challenge from one of your significant others, domineering Pluto insists that you stand firm about a family matter. Affable Venus in your Pisces marriage house usually brings good times and good loving, so you’re liable to be grateful and predisposed to giving in to your partner’s request. However, since your Mercury ruler is still retrograde, you shouldn’t count on anything going according to plan. Venus will forgive and forget when it gets to Aries; the relatives won’t.

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Libra: Sep. 23 – Oct. 22

Enough of the martyr mode! Give thanks that your Venus ruler leaves self-sacrificing Pisces on the 21st for the single-minded self-centeredness of Aries. This is the break you need, and while the goddess dances through the sign of your cosmic mate, the pleasure you deserve. But before the fun can start, you may have to convince a neighbor or sibling to take over some of the duties you so dutifully fulfilled. As far as assuming some of the expense, probably not. Leave that to the man of the house.

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Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, both the ridiculous and the sublime, are informed this year by the compelling connection between your passionate Pluto co-ruler and vivacious Venus. Don’t bother trying to elude the ties that bind you to the person you’re currently attracted to. That’s one of the nicer aspects of these intense Venus-Pluto liaisons; while Pluto barely budges, Venus’s annual trip through all 12 signs brings an interesting assortment of desirable people into your life. Right now, a costly pleasure, but not for long.

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Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Like a feeding frenzy, people of the Pisces persuasion tend to show up whenever the sun enters the sign of the Fish. How you deal with their tales of woe (I rarely hear about the happy times) is something each of us Seers has to work out for ourselves. Since our magnanimous, expansive Jupiter ruler is in Sag this year, I assume we’ll be listening to bigger fish stories than usual. This is what happens when you’re reputed to give good advice. My advice: gear your words to the spiritual and artistic planes. Reality sucks.

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Capricorn: Dec. 22 – Jan. 20

For some, the polarity between imaginative Neptune and your pragmatic Saturn ruler can be an annoyance that keeps you from completing what you’re supposed to. For others, the opposition may be a welcome distraction, an opportunity to let your mind wander through the poppy fields. It all depends on what you need to do. Since their opposition is a rare enough occurrence, why not slow down so you can appreciate the full effect? Besides, with mistake-prone Mercury retrograde until the 7th, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Aquarius: Jan. 21 – Feb. 18

If you’ve been waiting to get sufficiently motivated, wait no longer. For the first time in two years, energetic Mars comes to your rescue when it enters Aquarius for the Oscars. The red planet will stick around until Good Friday, so if you need a nip, a tuck or dental surgery, schedule it ASAP. You might have a better idea of what you should spend your money on after the sun merges with retrograde Mercury and offers an opportunity to reassess your assets. We all know a change is in the works; it’s only a matter of when.

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Why not make that last ditch attempt to snag a client’s attention before magnetic Venus leaves your sign on Ash Wednesday. After that, you’ll no longer be the answer to a needy, but powerful, person’s prayers. While the sun passes through Pisces, you’ll be too busy celebrating, not only your birthday, but each of the gifts you were born with. Thanks to productive Saturn’s polarity with your aesthetic Neptune ruler, those talents could manifest (and be valued) in what once upon a time, before MTV, was called the real world.

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