Scrapbook of Solitude


SYNOPSIS Easy listening for the self-absorbed and stay-at-home set, including goodo stuff both old and new from our pals Low (from their yummy/scary new album), the worshipful Crash, krautrock obscuratists La Düsseldorf (thanks, Mike Kelly!), the band the New Year (what a debut, still crushed out), and a group we’ve never heard of called (we think) Dolphin & the Hits, though their poorly labelled demo (?) given us by Barman Jack, at Life 983 in Bushwick, doesn’t really tell us anything useful. Ah, sweet mystery of life!

NEXT WEEK: Special music with special guest(s) for special people…. like you!

Everything Under the Sun (Justine, 1992)
“Cindy Jewel”
“Don’t Look Now! (acoustic)

Drums and Guns (Sub Pop, 2007)
“Pretty People”

Dolphin & the Hits
Dolphin & the Hits (demo, c. 2006)
Song 5
Song 2
Song 6

La Düsseldorf
La Düsseldorf (Radar, 1978)

The New Year
Newness Ends (Touch & Go, 2001)
“Newness Ends”