Clothes Line: Fashion Loiterers Flash Their Winter Gear



During last week’s fashion shows, we were curious what people outside the tent were sporting. And with global warming in hiatus, the winter garb of these fashion loiterers grabbed our attention.

No matter what the length, the hoodie, trimmed with fur in this ‘hood, attached itself to many a coat with the wearer hidden further behind shades. Thankfully, the hoodless found expression in funky knit caps.

And although jackets in solid neutral colors reigned, shoes cropped up in all varieties, from flats to boots to Ugg-look-a-likes. However, what really stole the outside show was a person dressed in a studded jacket, shredded paper shirt, and bubble wrapped hat. He ran passed the tent screaming, “homeless fucking plasticides!” We don’t really now what that means, but one person exclaimed, “now that’s fashion.” We agree.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 14, 2007

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