From the Front: Yaeger on a Season “Under the Influence of the Dogs of War”


(Dali’s in the house at Ben Cho

This week our fashion expert, Lynn Yaeger, weaves through the threads of New York Fashion Week and finds “the runways this season are heavily under the influence of the dogs of war.” She observes:

Of course, no one is admitting this outright. Vera Wang skirts around the issue—no pun intended—by claiming that the theme of her frothy collection is White Russians running for their lives from the 1917 revolution; Gosford Park–esque chambermaids with feather dusters, oblivious to the rise of Hitler and Mussolini, open the show at Betsey Johnson, where tea tables for the elite have been set up replacing the conventional front row.

When war’s not on the brain, Yaeger finds warm weather and surrealism making their marks in the noticeable dearth of coats and Ben Cho’s “affection for Schiaparelli-esque surrealism.”

Hmm . . . War, climate change, and surrealism. And who says designers are affected by the times?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 14, 2007

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