I Heart Theater


I also heart rabbits

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Following is a short and not at all definitive list of things I love in the theater lately:

Theaters that let you bring your drink in with you
Renewed interest in Harley Granville Barker
Renewed interest in J.M. Barrie
Renewed interest in Frank Wedekind
Mac Wellman and Paula Vogel, as playwrights and as teachers of new playwrights
The Under the Radar Festival, especially
Taylor Mac
The Rude Mechs, who should yes please bring more work to New York
The remarkably comfortable seats at Second Stage
Richard Foreman
Matthew Bourne
Tom Stoppard, though more the Rock and Roll Stoppard than the Coast of Utopia Stoppard

Love to all!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 14, 2007

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