Happy Year of the Pig!


The roar of the crowd.

Spent a few hours yesterday in Chinatown welcoming the Year of the Pig and then sparing said pigs by slurping up a big bowl of porkless seafood noodles. Festivals and parades are a great favorite of mine, an outpouring of performance unbounded by a theater space. The Lunar New Year party was pretty glorious. A few years ago, civic organizations outlawed fireworks, but celebrants have found a really marvelous substitution. They’ve created large cardboard cylinders, some of them 4-feet long, that shoot huge quantities of confetti and tinsel up into the air. Some of them also include a paper parachute that everyone tries to catch. Because of the breeze yesterday, it seemed as though there were streamers and glitter everywhere.

I think the theater could stand to take a few notes:
More glitter
More tinsel
More large drums
More dragons

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 19, 2007

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