Happy Tuesday, Fatso



If you, like me, forgot all about Fat Tuesday, your choices are limited:

Pick up a King Cake at Whole Foods ($18.99 for 6-inch, $26.99 for 9-inch), hang around outside Mara’s Homemade, where King Cakes are made to order, and hope that some idiot forgets to pick his up, (or gets hit by a car on the way), or you could simply embrace the spirit of the holiday and eat till you have to take your pants off, wherever you happen to be.

Grub Street has some fat-loving suggestions for tonight, and I say, party like you’re actually giving something up for Lent.

I always get a little pang of guilt around this time—not due to actual piety, but because I used to give something up for Lent every year, just for the “fun” of it, but now I don’t even strive for self-control.

In the beginning it was always meat, and the suffering was worth it when Easter rolled around and my mom’s rosemary-garlic-marinated butterflied leg of lamb hit the grill. But as I got older, I grew bored and started to invent new challenges for myself. One year, in college, I gave up beer for the 40 days, which proved completely horrifying—being sober in a basement keg party is just sad. Now, I use the excuse that I have to eat everything so I can “report” on it. The hardest thing to live without would be pork, but I’m not ready to find out how hard. It wouldn’t be fair to you, my dear reader. Still, everyone deserves a Fat Tuesday.

Mara’s Homemade
342 East 6th Street
Between 1st & 2nd Avenue
(212) 598-1110

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 20, 2007


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