Noise from the Front


March = Mars’ month

Middle English: March(e)

Anglo-French: March(e)

Old English: Martius

Latin: Martius mensis, or “month of Mars”

Martius has always had 31 days. March was the original beginning of the year, and the time for the resumption of war. Mars is the Roman god of war. He is identified with the Greek god Ares. —from “A History of the Months and the Meanings of their Names”


“Don’t Take My Sunshine Away” from Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain (Astralwerks, 2006)

[Music listing for Wednesday, February 28]

El Perro Del Mar

“Coming Dwn That Hill” from El Perro Del Mar

[Music listing for Thursday, March 1]

Eddie Money

“Baby Hold On” from Best of Eddie Money (Sony, 2001)

[Music listing for Thursday, March 1]

Young Knives

‘Loughborough Suicide” from Voices of Animals & Men (Rykodisc, 2007)

[Music listing for Friday, March 2]

The Plungers

“Surfopolis” from Surf America (No Sweat, 2005)

[Music listing for Saturday, March 3]

Cradle of Filth

“Under Pregnant Skies She Comes/Dirge Inferno” from Thornongraphy (The All Blacks BV, 2007)

[Music listing for Sunday, March 4]

Under Byen

“Tindrer” from Samme Stof Som Stof (Paper Bag, 2006)

[Music listing for Monday, March 5]

Scissor Sisters

“I Can’t Decide” from Ta-Dah (Polydor, 2006 )

[Music listing for Saturday, March 3]


“Another Man Done Gone” from Abosultely the Best (Fuel, 2000)

[Music listing for Friday, March 2]

Grizzly Bear

“Reprise” from Yellow House (Warp, 2006)

[Music listing for Tuesday, March 6]