Cheap Choice: Daffy’s Beetlejuice Shoes!


Behold the possibilities of a Burton-Daffy’s collaboration.

Daffy’s texted us. Yes, we are actually signed up to receive messages from the thrifty store. Two weeks ago they alerted us to their new patent leather shoes. Yesterday, we got word of some Italian leather sandals. The New Jersey-based chain definitely has footwear on the brain. And now, because of Verizon, so did we.

At the Soho location, their $49.99 black matte heels caught our eye. With seven straps securing you in from toe to ankle and gold angular heel detail, we immediately thought of those attacking spiky sculptures from Beetlejuice. Flashy, yes. Distracting to the point of a must buy, indeed. Day-ohhh.

Don’t try ordering these online though. Daffy’s site lacks purchasing capabilities and images of new arrivals. We know their slogan’s “Be Dafferent,” but perhaps they should follow the chain pack and sign on to ’07.