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Where is Jamie Foxx?


Here, in any case, is Will Smith, introducing a montage on “America” by Michael Mann. Heavy on war, madness, racism, egomania. Neat.

Kate Winslet. Best Editing. Blood Diamond is nominated in this category? Egads. The Oscar goes to Judi Dench! Oops, I mean Themla Schoonmaker. Cut to Marty in tears. Bonus point for using the word “panoply” in her acceptance speech. Gracious. Lovely.

Jodi Foster introduces The Dead People Montage, the most competitive category of all. Who will get the most applause? Bruno Kirby, a smattering. Red Buttons, ditto. Sven Nykvist, a whistle from the back (is that you, Ingmar?). Gordon Parks, so-so. Some guy from Star Trek. Peter Boyle, hearty. Jack Palance, ditto. Robert Altman, the house comes down.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 25, 2007

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