‘Full of It’


New Line Cinema hones in on the youth market with Christian Charles’s strenuously edgy take on a hoary old teen-comedy standby: High school dweeb sells his soul for status and lives to reap as he has sown. Ryan Pinkston is excellent as Sam, an insecure runt who lies his way to self-reinvention. The twist here is that as Sam brags his way to universal popularity, his lies come nightmarishly true—his pretty blonde teacher turns into a sex maniac; the dog really does eat his homework; and, worst of all, the girl he covets (a very funny Amanda Walsh) turns out to be a ravenous stalker.
Full of It abandons the de rigueur hot pastels of the average high school caper in favor of distressed browns and greens, but in the end the style masks little more than a Pinocchio retread for the adolescent grunge set.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 27, 2007

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