Paula Deen has Problems, and More Catty Commentary Straight from Food and Wine Festival!


Yesterday, Grub Street reported on last weekend’s South Beach Food & Wine Festival, with the help of a correspondent who was amusing and informative, describing the scene in terms of events, gossip, and celebrities.

We here at EfV had a correspondent as well! Not surprisingly, ours was a lot less demure and a lot less professional. S/he also insisted on anonymity, and we’ll go to jail if we have to to keep that promise.

Here’s a smattering of emails and text messages we received during the course of the fest. It was a real pleasure.


  • I’m lying on the beach right now. Could be worse. Too bad I forgot to shave my pits.
  • topless bathers! Right here on the beach!! Scandal!!
  • Ummmm. In the audience of the food network award show (hideous form of torture). Wow. It’s scary. Paula dean has problems.
  • green eggs n ham just won “classic read.” who will accept? all the stage lights are in our eyes. i’ll tell you everything i know, just turn down the f’in lights
  • btw, i’ve seen mikey, sam, and ilan so far.
  • did i mention jeffrey [chodorow]’s evil offspring are here? oh, and al roker bbq? no thx.