Here Comes the Judge: Ain Gordon


Are you sitting down for this?

Welcome, once again to our online meet-and-greet with the guest judges for the 2007 OBIE committee. I’m delighted to introduce Ain Gordon, the distractingly handsome writer, director, and actor who recently received an OBIE award for Wally’s Ghost. Other works as a writer director include Punch and Judy Get Divorced and The Family Business. He’s currently featured in Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell.

Name: Ain Gordon

Title/Position: Writer/Director

How did You become involved with the theater: I was born into the downtown dance world but I didn’t want to dance. My father also loved words (inveterate scrabble and crossword player) as did his father (champion jumble player of the world and composer of humorous holiday poems). When my father began to incorporate his writing into his dancing, I ran off with the words.

What do you think makes a piece of theater extraordinary: I hope I can never answer this question. “Extraordinary” must be constantly redefined or it becomes ordinary. As an audience member, I am thrilled to be in sure and rigorous artistic hands – regardless of my personal taste.

What are some plays or performance pieces from the past several years that have remained with you, that are favorites: I am always stumped by this question. I can remember what art changed my life 20 years ago better than I can remember last year. Ask me in 2027 about this past few years.

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