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Now Hiring: Jeffrey Chodorow, Mr. Softee


We sometimes fantasize about leaving all this blog glory behind for a truly unique career — after all, who isn’t a blogger? We’ve always wanted to be the guy at the party with a conversation-starting job. If you’re having similar daydreams, the universe may be sending you a message, through Craigslist, that the time is now. What’s more iconic than driving a Mr. Softee truck? (FYI: Slackers, drunk drivers need not apply.)

And how’s this for a job title: Automat sous chef. Yes, the media-savvy enterprise, Bamn! is seeking a sous chef. The ad says this is a great opportunity for motivated people who want to “develop new creative/inventive/cool menu items for the Automat,” and also, do some cleaning at the end of the shift.

In restaurant news, we’ve been enjoying more than our fair share of Chodorage in the last couple of weeks, but if you long to get closer to the madman, now’s your chance. Remember Tuscan Steak? Well Tuscan Steak begat Tuscan, (with Rocco DiSpirito as consulting chef), Tuscan begat English is Italian, (runner up for worst restaurant name ever, after, of course, Bananas and Caviar), and ‘T is E’ is about to become China Grill Management’s latest theme restaurant, Wild Salmon. The theme is taking the “local” out of the cuisine of the Pacific Northwest — a seafood restaurant devoted to the bounty of the other coast. Wild Salmon is slated to open next month, so act fast if you’re a line cook and you want to work with this guy. Here’s the ad:

do what you love. love what you do. With over 25 critically acclaimed restaurants worldwide, China Grill Management (CGM) and its affiliates continually create some of the most original and innovative dining hotspots in major cities across the globe.

This April, New Yorkers will have the chance to experience truly wild and fresh fish, game, beef and produce from the Pacific Northwest with the opening of Wild Salmon in the former English is Italian space. Jeffrey Chodorow has appointed nationally recognized culinary talent Charles Ramseyer, the former executive chef at the highly acclaimed Ray’s Boathouse & Café in Seattle for the past fourteen years, to open this Pacific Northwest restaurant in midtown Manhattan.

Related: Asia de Cuba and China Grill are both looking for executive sous chefs.

The Dona team didn’t waste much time with a comeback plan. Michael Psilakis and Donatella Arpaia are looking to hire line cooks and sous chefs for their new spot, Anthos. In the ad, they describe the place thusly: “Restaurant will offer a refined and very modern approach to Greek food. Menu will be ingredient driven with close attention paid to seasonality.”

Scores is holding an open call next Wednesday for “HOSTSSESS,” waitresses, and bartenders. Frank Bruni will be the guest judge.

Another spelling adventure, Yolato wants to beat Pinkberry in the resurrected yogurt craze. For starters, as they put it, “good Enllish is a must.”

Vernon Paterson of the Shake Shack sent in a comment to last week’s Now Hiring to let us know that they’re still looking:

Shake Shack is still hiring for all positions. Send resume to

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