NY Times Sez: All City is “One Blog Writer”


Photo snagged from Gothamist because our morning Times doesn’t seem to be in the office. See? We credited them by name!

So the New York Times has another piece about the anonymous street-art “Splasher,” posted front-and-center on their Metro section. First off, they already did a piece about one such incident on January 28, a development we’d photographed and posted about 10 days earlier. Fine, whatever, Times, run your story a month late.
But the biggest problem we have with their piece? They backhandedly credited All City with the nebulous distinction “one blog writer.”

Some have tried to deconstruct the documents. One blog writer suggested that the author had drawn inspiration from an essay by the English writer Jeannette Winterson called “Product is the Excrement of Action” in which she laments the primacy of material goods in society.

You mean, like, here?

Also, we neglected to mention that the heading of yesterday’s manifesto ART: EXCREMENT OF ACTION is a riff on the Jeannette Winterson line, “Product is the excrement of action.” So these bombers are trying to tell the world that graf-inspired art is a commodity ultimately feeding the rich? Thanks, duders, we had no idea.

Hey, Mr. Colin “I-know-Marc-from-Wooster-Collective’s-e-mail” Moynihan! We have two names: you’ll find them both up in the header. Shit, we’re even attached to a real-live print publication, y’know?