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Wooster Collective’s Marc and Sara Get Painted Into Pure Project Show


Gore-B portrait of Wooster Collective’s Marc and Sara

This weekend, there’s a Street Art Symposium at Soho’s Pure Project. You may’ve read about the three-day event on Wooster Collective, billed mostly as an exhibition for Brooklyn’s Elbow-Toe. But actually, it’s not really an Elbow-Toe show, though he has at least one piece in the basement installation — it’s more of a collaborative effort between omnipresent street-artists like Celso (who’s responsible for this naked lady), Skewville, Gore-B, and Darkclouds, with additional pieces from other artists like Deuce Seven and Michael De Feo.

The rest of the event info reported on Wooster was accurate: “We’re told that to attend the opening you need to RSVP to for location details and entry. A special Street Art talk by Leon Reid will be held on Sun., March 4th at 3pm.” Plus, the installation is open to the public on Sunday from noon to 6pm.

But the piece that’ll likely get the most attention is the Gore-B portrait that turns the liaison into a subject: Wooster Collective’s Marc and Sara Schiller. Since 2001, Marc and Sara have become champions, critics (by omission), curators and talking heads on the street-art movement. In a sense, they’ve become almost as famous the artists on their site; they helped pull together the 11 Spring Street show last December, the Times always calls them for comments (even one today), and they’ve been profiled in Good Magazine. And so the portrait is definitely a comment on their role: Marc’s on a pedestal, carrying a megaphone, and Sara’s holding a mirror.

Normally, Marc and Sara look like this:

And this:

Awesome Gore-B portrait. They look pretty damn dignified, right? Certainly a nicer statement than when Sonic Youth titled a song “I Killed Christgau With My Big Fucking Dick.”

More sneak-preview flicks from the Pure Project show below and here in C-Monster’s Flickr:


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