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Admittedly, he is a bit funny-looking here.

The Articles What I Read, a weekly compendium of reviews, features, and interviews that I’ve enjoyed:

In the Sun, Kate Ryan shines light on the problem of theaters who offering readings and workshops of new plays, rather than choosing to produce them. Several members of 13P, the generous contributors to our “Play in the Drawer” series, are quoted. In the article Anne Washburn comments, “Even if the play is imperfect, you need to see it up,” a playwright and member of 13P, Anne Washburn, said. “You need to see it in front of an audience, and then you need to write the next one.”

I love pieces that explore the materiality of theater buildings, so I delighted in Michael Billington’s appraisal of the Stratford’s Royal Shakespeare Theater, which is due to close for a three-year renovation process. Billington covers the theaters 75-year history, from its architectural detailings to the production it housed.

Also in the Guardian, director Nicholas Hytner frets that rising Olympic costs could mean and end to arts subsidies And Billington also offers (where does he find the time?) an analysis of revived interest in Harold Pinter.

In New York Magazine, lucky, lucky Boris Kachka sits down with Liev Schreiber as the latter rehearses Talk Radio. As I did not write the article, moony-eyed descriptions of Schreiber’s handsomeness are alas few. Indeed, he’s described as “funny-looking.” We should all be so funny looking.

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