New York

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome


Come on in, make yourself at home, take your shoes off. I’ve been told that readers love photographs, so please enjoy the above picture of Rollie Fingers.

I’m up for talking about any and all sports on this blog — except golf, sorry; I just can’t — but this summer the focus will be largely on baseball, unless the Knicks, Nets, or Rangers stun us all with a serious playoff run. (As one of the 34 existing Nets fans on the planet, I haven’t quite succeeded in utterly giving up hope, but I do realize that I should have done so back in early January at the latest).

You have the right to know that I grew up a Yankees fan — back in the go-go days of the “Don Mattingly And A Bunch of Other Dudes, None of Whom Can Pitch” era — but these Mets are an extremely likable team, and last year I found myself pulling for them. I know, I know: I’m dangerously close to New York sports bigamy. But don’t judge: thanks to recent scientific breakthroughs, most doctors now consider this to be a genetic disorder.

Anyway, I’ll be flying down to spring training on Sunday, so things are about to get interesting. Or, at the very least, warm and sunny. Here is a picture of some lovely palm trees, though to be honest, none of these are likely to be anywhere near the Garden Inn in Port St. Lucie.

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